The average telecom audit results in a 24% reduction in hard dollar cost often with no change in providers.

Over 85% of all audits result in refunds, savings or both.

​Average annual savings for clients over $25,000!

  • Utility and phone companies make mistakes, lots of them.
  • It's the customer's responsibility to make sure bills are correct.
  • Our staff of trained auditors will identify any and all potential savings opportunities and,
  • We will work directly with the utility and phone companies to correct all billing mistakes.
  • We work strictly on a contingency basis-we are only compensated if we can save you money!

Founded in 2008, Universal Auditing specializes in helping companies reduce spend with no up-front cost.

Based in Greensboro, NC, we have worked with hundreds of clients all over the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. 


We have a staff of trained auditors that understand billing structures and will cut through all the "red tape" to obtain the maximum refund possible and identify all savings opportunities.


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